STEAM? What's the Big Deal?

STEAM is....


The integration of science ,technology, engineering, art and mathematics education to prepare our students for the 21st Century workforce. Even though STEM is commonly known, we beilieve the inclusion of the arts drives the innovation that we all have. How you learn while using STEAM will provide you with the skills to be globally competitive

What it Means for the State of Florida


According to the Florida Department of  Economic Opportunity, there are over 300,000 STEM jobs that need to be filled! First in Florida reports there will 500,000 STEM jobs available by 2024. Currently, 60 perccent of employers around the world can't find qualified employees in STEM fields!

What it Means Globally


Between 2012 and 2022, the US Bureau of  Labor and Statistics projected more than 9 million STEM jobs that will be available. Worldwide, there is a need for productive STEM workforce to drive economic security

Realize That You Are the Future

How well you educate yourself in and outside of school will determine if you and your family will have a good life

Only 25% of 4th graders are proficient in math and science

Only 16% of high school students are proficient in math and interested in a STEM career

40% of men and 29% of women have bachelor's degrees in STEM fields

Only 12% of scientists and engineers are African American, Hispanic, or Native American

You Can Make a Differnce!

Click on the photos below to get a glimpse of your importance in the STEAM industry