Focus on What You're Good At!

Do you enjoy investigating problems and finding solutions?


Oncologist- 296k per year

Family Physician- 196k per year

Biologist- 117k per year

Do you enjoy video games, designing, or making things better?


Software developer- 102k per year

Video game designer- 108k per year

Web developer- 87k per year

Do you enjoy building and testing products?


Biomedical engineer- 139k per year

Mechanical engineer- 128k per year

Aerospace engineer- 109k per year

Do you enjoy playing with numbers and solving puzzles?


Actuary- 150k per year

Physicist- 119k per year

Bioinformatician- 112k per year

Do enjoy using your creative skills and make things pop?


Visual artist- 90k per year

Architect- 125k per year

Fashion designer- 128k per year

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