Meet The Team


Candace Finley, Founder and CEO

Candace was born in Orlando,FL and raised in Ocala, FL. She recieved a Bachelors of Biology from Stillman College and a Masters of Biotechnology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Shortly after understanding how the pharmaceutical industry profits off of consumers, she left the field and began teaching Anatomy and Biology at Bethune Cookman University. Since 2011, her passion for closing the gap in education among minorities geared her towards teaching in the public school system as well leading STEM instruction and program development for the Preserve the Eatonville Community, Inc. ZORA! STEM program. Currently she is pursuing her doctoral degree in STEM education and an entreprenuer providng affordable STEAM educational services with her business, STEAM Box.


Ronald and Carol Gibson, Directors of Finance

 Ronald G. and Carol  L. Gibson have developed a story for the ages thus far. Carol had her wonderful beginnings growing up on Long Island, New York before moving to Mississippi during her junior year of high school because of her father's retirement.  She then graduated Louisville High School as one of the top ten in her class and had the one of the highest scores on the ACT ​ in the class while taking it only one time.  She went to The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and majored in Biological Sciences, graduating Summa Cum Laude and then returning to complete her graduate degree in Education again graduating with the highest of honors.  She is the proud mother of their son, Nathaniel (6) and enjoys reading and teaching in her spare time.  She is the youngest of 6.   

Ronald (Ron) had his beginnings with a bit more challenge.  After his parents separated when he was young, he moved from his native Maywood, IL to Winston County, located in the Great State of Mississippi, where he would grow up.  Money was never in abundance throughout his​  childhood and schooling years, but he never once heard or saw his mother make an excuse or look for a handout.  He then learned this "make it happen" attitude and applied to his situation in 9th grade by beginning the process that at the end of  ​his ​ 12th grade  ​year ​ would earn him a 1/2 scholarship to only one school, The Jackson State University.  He completed his undergraduate there and went on to Law School at Regent University.  He would fail at Law School there, leading him back home defeated because his dream had been denied.  Summoning up the same spirit he saw demonstrated during the lean years as a child, he would then re-enroll in graduate school at Jackson State and obtain his graduate degree with  ​even ​ higher honors than  ​received with ​ his previous degree.  Since marrying Carol in 2004, he has had a passion to get his family 1.) debt free and 2.) financially free and is very close to  ​both of ​ those major objectives.    


David Thomas, Director of Operations

David was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is the founder and CEO of Valor Enterprises, LLC. For over 10 years, David was a teacher ESE/EBD and has transitioned into an administration role in Volusia County Public Schools.