eSTEAMed Community Camp Series

Our 1-2 week community camps will be held during the spring. One camp will be held nationally and the other internationally.  Students will have fun engaging in STEAM project-based learning activities and field trips as well as having the opportunity to meet professionals in the STEAM industry. These camps will be of little or no cost to commmunty

eSTEAMed Community Camp 2017-2018

eSTEAMed Learning Community Camp at Mt. Olivet Primary School Walderston, Jamaica


On March 19, 2018, eSTEAMed Learning, Inc and Jamaica Volunteer Expeditions collaborated in order for us to be able come out to Mt. Olivet Primary School to provide a 1-week STEAM camp to provide STEAM project-based learning to students as well as professional development for  teachers. Students and teachers participated in STEAM activities such as 3D drawing, coding, paper circuity, UV beading and much more. The students, faculty, and staff enjoyed our camp so we hope to return in the near future.

eSTEAMed Learning Community Camp at St. Margaret's Anglican School for Boys in Belmont, Trinidad


On March 11,2019, we had the honor to provide a free 1-week STEAM camp to the St. Margaret's Anglican School for boys! The boys were already familiar with circuitry, so we made LED flashlights! We also created coding bracelets,abstract art, bristle bots, and engage in a design challenge to protect a sun sensitive animal! The students and school officials enjoy the camp and would like to have professional development. We hope to see them very soon!